ibcbet Promising Barcelona Young Star

Ansu Fati, a young player from the Barcelona U-16 youth training, is in fact an asset of a very talented young player owned by Barcelona, says ibcbet. It was all proven by himself when he was trusted to join the senior and core Barcelona team when competing with Valencia at Camp Nou, which was the home of the Barcelona team. The match ended with a score of 5-2, where the victory was won by Barcelona. Of the 5 goals scored by the Barcelona players, it turns out that one of them was a goal from Ansu Fati, and among the other goals was also an assist by Ansu Fati. Go from Ansu Fati itself is a very amazing goal, which became the opening goal in the match, says ibcbet.

Ansu Fati: Promising Barcelona Young Star

As a top-class team that is famous in the world, of course, it is not easy to play and join Barcelona, says ibcbet. Moreover, to penetrate into the core squad and play with Barcelona’s senior core squad, certainly is a dream for other football players, both from other clubs, as well as Barcelona’s junior club. And among those who dream of that, Ansu Fati has now proven it. In his new age of 16 years 9 months 25 days, he has managed to be trusted to play in the Barcelona squad’s core squad. Victor Valdes’s bet on the teenager was finally proven, where he himself had seen Ansu Fati’s talent and was a coach of the young U-16 Barcelona.

Ansu Fati is a young Barcelona player who is from Guinea-Bissau and has a role to play in the position of a winger, which is to help the senior Barcelona striker bomber, namely Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez. Finally, Ansu Fati was recognized to break Lionel Messi’s record in Barcelona as a young player who got the starter playing with the senior team faster. Lionel Messi himself, as is well known, debuted with Barcelona at the age of 17, in contrast to Ansu Fati who debuted at 16 years, says ibcbet. Even so, Ansu Fati has not been able to carve as the youngest player to make his debut with the first team. Because the record for the youngest player is still held by Vicenc Martinez, who is 16 years 9 months 5 days. Finally, this makes Ansu Fati the second-youngest player in the history of the Barcelona senior team.

Ansu Fati also turned out to have recorded his record to become Barcelona’s youngest goalscorer in La Liga, which was previously known that this record was set by Bojan Krkic. Bojan Krkic became Barcelona’s youngest goalscorer in La Liga at the age of 17 years 53 days in 2007. While Ansu Fati himself at the age of 16 years was 304 days. While in the history of La Liga as a whole, Ansu Fati just became the third-youngest player as the youngest player to score a goal. The youngest player to score the youngest goal in La Liga is Iker Munian at the age of 16 years 9 months 15 days in the second position, at which time he defended Athletic Bilbao against Real Valladolid in the 2009/2010 season, then first position as the youngest goalscorer in La Liga is Fabrice Olinga at the age of 16 years 3 months 6 days during which he defended Malaga against Celta Vigo in the 2012/2013 season, says ibcbet.

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